Functional watch straps – intuitive one-handed fastening with our HOOK 20 flat

Watch straps by DSPTCH are available in different sizes, strap widths and colours for the apple watch and classic watches. The sides of the straps are available separately, allowing customers to mix and match colours to their preference. The uniquely high comfort of the straps is achieved by soft herringbone nylon webbing and complemented by our HOOK flat 20 magnetic buckle. It features an extra flat design with no protruding components and, therefore, achieves high wearing comfort. Especially watch straps benefit from fasteners with easy one-handed operation and which don’t require a small pin to hit a tiny hole. Our HOOK 20 flat takes this to another level: Single-handed use is guaranteed by the automatic closing mechanism which locks into place when the ends of the straps are brought together. Also, the opening is just as intuitive and possible with a swift movement of one hand. This contributes to DSPTCH watch straps rewarding wearers with an innovative, comfortable, and high-quality product which turns the moment of opening and closing it into a fun experience.