JUNIOR 3-point lock - preview JUNIOR product family
Introducing the JUNIOR product family

The home of all our 3- & 5-point locks and our brand new JUNIOR press double 3-point lock!


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A custom blue SNAP and WINCH

Customized magnetic fasteners

Get inspired by our colourful possibilities!

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FIDLOCK fasteners for footwear - an example shoe

FIDLOCK Footwear

Endless possibilities for shoe design


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runner with HERMETIC arm band

Fastening-components and consumer products
for active application areas

Sports & Outdoors 


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WINCH momentum

Passion for sneakers is our impulse. We want to overcome the boundaries of accessory design.

WINCH: No limits. Only possibilities.


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Fasteners by FIDLOCK - unique magnetic-mechanical technology which turns the moment of opening and closing into a unique experience.

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We remember things that stand out from the ordinary – even something quick as the moment of opening and closing a fastener. For us, this moment has a special attraction which we turn into a unique experience – for you, your customers and your products! Create something memorable with a magnetic fastener, based on our one-of-a-kind FIDLOCK concept:


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assortment of different buckles and fasteners by FIDLOCK

The FIDLOCK concept

SLIDER Verschluss an schwarzem Gurtband mit Schuhen im Hintergrund

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We take the best features of mechanical locks and combine them with magnetic force, revolutionizing fasteners. Perfectly balanced magnets guide our fastening components which lets them close automatically with an audible click – the mechanical engagement keeps them securely locked. On top of that, you can quickly open them with only one hand with simple movements such as rotating, sliding or tilting. This reverses the polarity of the magnets and guarantees for an easy, quick release. And the overall result for your product? Secure fastening with a unique combination of function, fun and comfort. And at the end, this creates additional attraction and desirability for your product!


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New Products

teaser for our B2C products and bike accesories - click here for FIDLOCK BIKE
Premium magnetic accessories

Innovative bike accessories and consumer products for sports and the outdoors!


Applications & Ideas

Application - HORNIT bike rack secured by FIDLOCK WINCH

CLUG PRO bike rack

HORNIT presents space-enabling bike storage - secured by the FIDLOCK WINCH!

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O´Neill Badehose mit wasserduchter Hosentasche HERMETIC sew in Pocket

Upgrade for swimming trunks

O´Neill's innovative swimwear with a waterproof pocket of our HERMETIC series

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Application - HAMCUS fashion with diverse FIDLOCK components

Fashion meets techwear

Explore exciting fashion by HAMCUS featuring diverse clever applications of our magnetic fasteners

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Der Helmverschluss kann einhändig geöffnet werden
Magnetic buckles for helmets

Intuitive and single-handed use even with gloves. No skin pinching. For innovative headgear.

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HERMETIC sling bag with transparent foil for sailing

HERMETIC sports tools

Discover our HERMETIC consumer products for sports & the outdoors now!

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FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE fastener in black


This fastener boasts self-securing features and a striking design for diverse application areas!

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Plans and prototypes of original FIDLOCK fasteners

The original FIDLOCK fasteners

Do not use fake buckles to guarantee the unique features of our patented FIDLOCK concept!

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