Get ready for a review of our novelties in the world of magnetic fastening and FIDLOCK’s news that defined our year 2019!

Kids first – Magnetic fasteners for the youngest

To begin, what could be a better start for this review than a look at products, made for the first chapter in our lives? At this year’s Kind + Jugend, FIDLOCK had multiple novelties on display. First, the SNAP stackable was introduced to FIDLOCK’s portfolio. This versatile fastener has magnetic features which are independent of the orientation of the fastening components. Serving as its counterpart, the SNAP stackable can be stacked almost infinitely, therefore connected from both sides, and simply be pulled open – an ideal fastener for textile applications, especially for children.

5-point-lock neu

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Furthermore, FIDLOCK’s attendance at the Kind + Jugend 2019 included an exclusive sneak preview: First parts of a new 5-point lock were shown. Like its forerunner, it is ideally suited for strollers and similar applications. This magnetic fastener is our response to our customers’ requests for a simple single-action version of a magnetic 5-point lock. The hard work is making progress and final touches are being made – the result will be ready soon!

Sounds interesting? Find out more about our magnetic fasteners and buckles that suitable for children’s products in our article about FIDLOCK at the Kind + Jugend 2019!

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Gooper technology at FIDLOCK

Probably the biggest change for us, here at FIDLOCK, is a new family member in our world of magnetic fastening. In September, an exclusive licensing agreement was signed between FIDLOCK and Gooper, bringing the HERMETIC dry bag into the B2C lineup. Thanks to the Gooper technology, the bag seals automatically, when you simply let go. Dropping valuables into dust or liquid is no problem anymore! Additionally, variants of the HERMETIC dry bag and the magnetic strips are available for B2B applications, such as waterproof pockets, tent entrances or gear add-ons and much more. The Gooper technology offers great application possibilities for the outdoor world – visit FIDLOCK BIKE and find out more about the licensing agreement and the new products with Gooper technology!

Hermetic Drybag Detail

Magnetic fasteners and buckles, designed for footwear

In the previous year, high demand for magnetic buckles that are suitable for shoes led to an exciting decision, here at the FIDLOCK headquarters: Shoes accompany us through our everyday life and need to serve as a reliable partner. Therefore, combining usability and comfort with reliable fastening options can be key to elevating a simple sneaker, becoming fun and quick to put on. In this case, FIDLOCK fasteners are the ideal solution and as a result, the Footwear team was born – introducing the first fasteners at the Material Show 2018.

The STRIPE FW SB 20, the STRIPE FW DR 20 and the HOOK 15 FW sewable are the first fastening solutions by FIDLOCK, developed specifically for footwear applications. They are based on FIDLOCK fasteners with great features known from the FIDLOCK concept.  However, footwear applications set very special requirements and to meet those, our developers carefully adapted the size and features of different magnetic fasteners. The FIDLOCK STRIPE for textiles offers great flexibility in a unique flat design. Due to the footwear-friendly opening motion and size possibilities, the HOOK 15 served as another great orientation.

With 2019 being the first complete year in which FIDLOCK’s full-fledged footwear team could focus on fastening solutions for shoes, many great ideas came up.

HOOK 15 FW sewable

FIDLOCK BIKE – new gadgets for cyclists

Last, but not least, our inhouse brand FIDLOCK BIKE has multiple novelties that were introduced at the Eurobike this year:

  •  the TWIST bottle 590 with an improved attaching system, ergonomic design and self-sealing valve with a removable dirt cap

  •  the reworked TWIST bottle 450 with the same improvements as the bottle 590

  •  the TWIST bottle kids with a colourful design

  •   the TWIST toolbox

  • the TWIST essential bag

  •  and the VACUUM phone mount

All these innovative products for bike-fans will be available before summer 2020 – in time for holidays spent on the pedals! Find out more on!

Bike Base
Fahrrad mit TWIST Bottle 590
Toolbox mit Base